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06.14.2010 - The home entertainment system by Nintendo known as the Wii had recently released a black version almost a month now. The original white came out sometime in 2006, and was preceded with this all shiny black. It has become a contender in the console wars between Sony's PlayStation 2 and Microsoft's X-Box360.

Though the audience that captures have broader demographics from kids, elderly, and the kid at heart namely us gamers. This time around I had the chance to see this all-new black edition up close and personal. Truly technology had advance when it comes to gaming and Nintendo has seized back itself on top of the gaming world...

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So what's the difference with the standard white Wii unit to this black edition? Its the same unit but with more add-ons like the Wii MotionPlus, and instead of having one game such the Wii Sport. Nintendo has bundled the Wii Sports Resort as an additional for more fun with this black special unit.

Though I have to admit not familiar or have been into gaming for a long time. The last game I was knocking myself out was from PlayStation 2's King of Fighters XI, which is not definitely for broader audience.

Checking out the packaging the goodies that came with it is the same stuff you get with the original white version. Just added two games and the MotionPlus for you Wii controller.

For more details check out some fo the photos on the contents and what the black edition Wii unit have to offer...

The same as the original white version this also has a backward compatiblity in playing the Nintendo Game Cube, and able to play all official GameCube games. The Wii has been sold out in the market since it came out in 2006 beating out the competition. Having household characters like Mario and Pokemon you can't avoid owning one to play these lovable games.

Heck! even Queen Elizabeth II had been reported playing Wii, and you thought hardcore gamers are the only ones who got attracted to it.

The Wii system also supports wireless connectivity with the Nintendo DS without any additional accessories. This connectivity allows the player to use the Nintendo DS microphone and touchscreen as inputs for Wii games.

What;s so cool about the Wii is the parental control features, which can be used to prohibit younger users from playing games with content that would be considered unsuitable for their age level. When one attempts to play a Wii or Virtual Console game, it reads the content rating encoded in the game data; if this rating is greater than the system's set age level the game will not load without a correct override password.

The parental controls can also restrict Internet access, which blocks the Internet Channel and system update features. Since the console is restricted to Nintendo GameCube functionality when playing Nintendo GameCube Game Discs, GameCube software is unaffected by Wii parental control settings.

I don't want to go to much technicalities, but overall the wii is a fun system for the everyone. Even your parents, aunts, uncle or even your grandma can play Wii.

Its the past experience during my trip to Singapore, that got me interested in playing the games. Oh yes the Wii Sports Resort should give me that friendly workout, that I'm looking for in this home entertainment system.

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