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06.16.2010 - E3 2010 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) live broadcast this spotlights goes to Sony earlier press conference. Jack Tretton President & CEO for Sony PlayStation introduced new games coming out.

Mr.Tretton had mentioned how the PlayStation Nation had grown close to a year already. With the advent of cutting edge 3D technology and the most ultra sensory and precise motion gaming solutions available...

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No doubt about it but Sony is the undisputed leader in 3D technology today and the only ones to offer an end to end solution to consumers. With four stereoscopic 3D games available for download already, PlayStation is leading the effort to bring the theater experiencec into your living room. There was eye catching previews of games coming out on 3D from Killzone 3 to Gran Turismo 5, which features the glimpse of what the future holds as we alter what immersive gameplay means with 3D technology.

The trmendous growth of the Ps3 platform have already started the year with huge releases such as Fod of War III, MLB 10: The Show, MAG, Heavy Rain, and Mod Nation Racers.

This is just first half of what will surely be an onslaught of brand new experience with the PlayStation Move controller, that was the main star of the show. In addition to richer and deeper experiences from some of the most familiar favorites like franchises namely Sly Collection, Twisted Metal, SOCOM 4, inFamous 2, and that visually stimulating LittlebigPlanet 2 Sony amp it up with the new controller.

Christian Busic came to the stage and showed us how the PlayStation Move controller works with Sorcery (Coming in 2011). The precision movement using the controller as a wand was convincing enough for me to say there getting into motion gaming. Andrew Wilson showed its further with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 and you thought golf was rocket science.

Mr. Wilson stressed out the feel of the game as the experience is one to one movement. Its about the feel being authentic, and you can download the PS Move upgrade on the PlayStation Network.

The taste of the PS3 sugar won't be sweeter if you don't have the PlayStation Move controller that will be out for $49.99 US dollars add the navigation controller for $29.99 US dollars or get the PS Move bundle with the game Sports champ along with the navigator for $99.99 US dollars. It will be out in the US on September 19th and in Japan on October 21st.

Another bundle with the PlayStation Eye, a necessary part of the Move's functions, costs $99 US dollars and includes Sony's Wii Sports/Kinect Sports-style game. Bundles with a PS3 will cost $399.99 US dollars, a more affordable proposition.

Sony also mentionted that PlayStation 2 will still get support as the 11 year old machine is not dead, which celebrates its 10th anniversary in the US (released in 2000).

Its time to play in their world and live in ours as gaming goes up one notch with 3D gaming technology and motion controllers.

Yes Kevin Butler I love gaming too.

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