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06.16.2010 - There is a game 7 folks and it happens again since 2005. This was a lopsided victory as the Los Angeles Lakers survive the Boston Celtics at home in the Staples Center forcing another tie at 3-3.

Unfazed with the loss in game 5 the Lakers pounded the Celtics for a 89-67 win. Where this time around the Lakers bench made every effort to out score the Celtics bench with such tenacity with Shannon Brown soaring high with dunks and Lamar Odom knocking out the shots they needed the most...

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The Celtics where again in a shock as Kendrick Perkins went down with the knee injury with 5:30 to play, and was carried to the locker room by tow of his teammates. Andre Bynum of the Lakers fell over the top of Perkins on the play. It was the landing and not the blow that appeared to cause the most damage. He was out for the rest of the game as his team was thrashed by the Lakers.

No word if Perkins will be back for game 7 ans that's a serious blow for a Celtics team that needed all of its low-post firepower against a Lakers team that was out rebounding them 19-7 early in the second quarter.

The news is Perkins was having his knee X-rayed and that he was out with a right knee injury. Let's hope he can get back to help save the Celtics on this deciding game.

The Celtics has been loosing fourth quarters as mentioned by Phil Jackson of the Lakers. But this is no time like the present to make those fourth quarters the winning time. Its not going to be easy winning on the road specially at the Staples Center where the Lakers at comfy at home.

Phil Jackson is 47-0 in these playoff series when winning game one his team wins, but it would be a record if that statistics are true. Its no longer about adjustments, but its which teams is going to bring that energy.

Now that record would be vulnerable now as we got to the deciding game 7, and this is one rare opportunity for the Celtics to win on the road in front of the wild frenzy Lakers fans.

The green men where awfully quiet with one of their teamate down, and the bech pretty much got the best out of their counterparts.

They where out hustled and out worked with the Lakers firing all cylinders. Leading twenty plus points getting the job done, and Paul Pierce can't anything but look on. This was a physical game that Rajon Rondo sustained a cut from Ron Artest in the chin. Actor Jack Nicholson a long time Laker fan just sat comfy on his chair as his favorite team demolished beantown.

Now its the last game for this NBA season, and if you want to watch it live see the action commercial free at KFC in Eastwood at 9AM. Game 7 is on Thursday (Friday in Manila) and this is going to be fun for all basketball fans out there.

Its decision time folks choose your teams will it be the Celtics or Lakers? You decided!

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