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05.01.2010 - During our TV guesting stint at the morning show Umagang Kay Ganda last Friday one of our unforgettable experience there is the food trippings. I've been in the show a couple of times either just a stand in or one of the guests who gets featured.

The privilege of being a guest in their show is the food tripping. Imagine all these food stalls would let you have the chance to try their food for free. For a first timer on UKG this would sound absurd, but for me its called food tripping...

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Imagine the experience my friends Tim V. and Billy A. had when they found out the food was free for the guests. When we arrived at 3:45AM that was the first thing I was looking for, since the last TV guesting in July 2009 it was last minute realization due to that I came with a group.

This time around I was already hungry since the midnight screening of Iron Man 2, and while Tim was setting up his stuff I was looking around if they would have the food stalls set up.

An hour later after the opening sequence of the morning show little by little the food stalls where set up. Because I noticed the coffee, that was given to me was Uno's 8 in 1 coffee and a bottled water. In-between takes most of the sequence for their regular segments where shot inside the studio, while the guests outside where just hanging out.

Talking to the other fans after me and Tim it wasn't easy when your getting hungry as Billy looks like he couldn't last long. The first thing I saw was the toy collector groups where already munching on Waffle Time and helping themselves to King Corn. So I guess that was out cue to raid the food stalls for an early breakfast snack.

There where food stalls set up and my first snack where from Waffle Time getting a cheese waffle and Shawarma Khebab. I got the ice tea from Waffle Time as the waffles where being devoured in matter of demand.

These food trippings isn't that bad its like having your own mini-food tour. This is one privilage that I'll always keep in mind, whenever I get my chance to guest on UKG. Shawarma Khebab is unforgettable since I rarely eat shawarma and this was definitely one food stall I recommend.

They let me take a photo of each ingredient to make their shawarma wrap, while they prepare my food. You can find Shawarma Khebab at you local food court in big super malls like SM Megamall.

The next food stall I tried was Happy Haus Donuts. Though this donuts I hardly I heard about, but it gives you sweetness experience with a variety of flavors to choose from. I wasn't a fan of sweets that day, but their donuts are good. I just don't know where they are mostly can been available.

I had second serves at King Corn, and the most I had a come back with a cup of corn in hand while waiting for our segment. Mostly you can find a stall at any SM supermall food court, since I had the chance to buy one from them back then.

The coffee experience was with Uno's 8 in 1 coffee, though I never had my second servings with a cup of Joe it was a kicker to keep us awake. I got the strong black coffee while waiting in those hours.

Zagu was the drink I had twice and under the heat it saving me from dehydration, since the bottled water was one time only. Besides the ice tea from Waffle Time this was the other drink I need to survive the heat.

I was almost ran out of Zagu when the kind man gave me the Mango flavor. The sun was getting hotter by the minute while we wait for our segment. Though not as hot as the last part of our segment. Zagu was a refreshment that let's you cool down. You can find a Zagu stall almost anywhere, and they are open to franchising your own business too.

Tim was coming back for more waffles while Billy can't get enough with the donuts. It was a food trip in-between and you can't get hungry with the food being served to you for free.

Not only we had a lot of fun at this TV guesting at UKG we where never hungry. Well save that late in the afternoon, but this was surely a delectable experience. Maybe in the possible future I'll get to experience this again.

Specially with those waffles and shawarmas this was a definite food trip!

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