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05.01.2010 - After seeing the midnight screening of Iron Man 2 with my good friend Tim V. set to head out to meet up with Bill A. at a nearby McDonald's in Katipunan at almost 3AM in the morning. I was hoping to have the toy photography shots taken earlier printed added to be seen in TV guesting for morning show Umagang Kay Ganda.

Thursday was the most hectic day for me personally attending an event in the morning, and was intended to attend a doughnut event early in the evening. Unfortunately plans set in motion when Tim sent me a text message...

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Originally from what my understanding is that we plan to see the movie after the TV guesting. I guess I misunderstood that we're going to see the movie before we head out to ABS-CBN and en route to the studio we pick up Bill along for the ride. So I went back home after I pass nearby a barber shop. Already packed up the necessary display for the show.

The original plan before was Tim is going to be the one talking as guest on TV, but he had second thoughts and I volunteered myself to help him out. He had previous guest TV stints, but those where taped and he had little knowledge going on live.

So I went there to accompany him to appear on TV not knowing we would see other Iron Man collectors, and fans similar to the TV guesting I did last year with the same show.

After an hour rest at McDonald's and Tim writing up drafts for the movie review on his blog. We all went to the studio arriving at exactly 3:45AM. At first we where having troubles where to park the car. Going in circles twice Billy saw the nearby Mini Stop. The guard was nice enough to let us park and unload our stuff.

I didn't realize how extensive Tim's collection was with regard to Iron Man, and it doesn't limit to just the action figures that he acquired from years back. All I can say is Tim is one of those rare fans, who has a definite collection. That ranges from books, comics, action figures, and merchandise that includes a mask. I rarely see an Iron Man fan who is dedicated, and passionate about the comics. Now with the second movie coming out this was Tim's time to shine.

Tim was convinced few days earlier about having second thoughts in guesting for this. I told him this is a one time opportunity he shouldn't miss, and he agreed if I would come along for the ride. Of course Billy would be there too, since he's part of the team. Unfortunately Miko one of our common friend, who's into Iron Man was out of town. But the good thing is he lend me his custom made figures to be on display, which I originally borrowed to use in my Toy Photography. So this is one a time chance we had, and we where restless in excitement to take part of this.

Arriving on the set we unload Tim's three large bags. The funny thing that day was Captain America's shield, that Tim brought along after unloading it in the car. It was that famous shield he had use as a prop in last year's Halloween.

We meet up with our contact where to set our stuff. Actually our contact first saw the shield saying its not Iron Man, but was fairly convinced we said its something people would look forward to the movie next year. Too bad we never have the hammer of Thor to add the prop to the equation hinting the Avengers movie.

We didn't notice but Solar Entertainment the distributors of Paramount, which produced Iron Man 2 was the one who provided us the glass displays. Along with us a significant group of purely toy collectors, where also in attendance who had set up their own diorama in a make shift table.

The other couple of guys where like Tim, who are into comics as well as toys and merchandise. All of us dressed up in Iron Man shirts, but Tim had in mind to wear the MK VI shirt he bought earlier last month. Well with the exception of the significant toy collectors, who where wearing their group shirts based on another pop culture property. The rest of the guys and the staff including the hosts, where in their Iron Man fashion.

We got aired between 7AM to 8:30AM as in those free time we where eating free food in those sponsored food stalls, which we tried in each except the drinks. It was mostly Iron Man Friday for me, Tim, and Billy.

Getting our chance to talk to actress Ms. Rica Peralejo, news reporter Atom Araullo, and actress Ms.Donita Rose who was playing around with Tim's shield in the opening sequence of the show.

Alex Santos was wearing the Iron Man mask Tim bought a week ago at Toy kingdom, and it has become a favorite of the camera men. The staff also borrowed it for Atom's segment.

The Iron Man mascot who was roaming around earlier that day is not your amateur cosplayer deck in full armor. ABS-CBN hired the mascot directly from Marvel and word is that they paid him in US dollars.

There was so much going on and we where pretty much waiting for the main segment, which featured all the fans and collectors.

We where hoping that we get movie posters too, which we had and pretty much Billy was caught getting one after we wrapped up. Mostly we talk to the fans after us, who had the most extensive collection that includes a 1970s vintage Mego figure. We also get to chat with the people from SM Cinema, and we where like missing the special screening they had. Tim and I had seen the movie at Greenbelt with his close relative a few hours before we went for the guesting.

After the main segment the collector group had to pack up, but the fans stayed until the last segment. The sun was up and our skin was burning in the heat. the only incident we had is that the first poster Tim had was missing, but he got it back in three posters.

The show wrapped up pretty much toward the end we where feeling a bit tired, but Tim as knowing would want to see Iron Man 2 again. Billy hasn't seen the movie, and so we decided to head to SM Megamall. We had to rest a bit and load up our stuff in the car first. Stopping by and having an early lunch at Mini Stop pretty much done deal with the TV guesting a success.

Of course we still went to SM Megamall and saw Iron Man 2... Again. This time me and Tim, where pretty much sleeping in-between the scenes. While Billy tries to wake up and get his view of the film, since he hasn't gone home from work.

I wasn't able to go to another event as the rest for the evening my head was filled with too many Iron Man adventures, and it was definitely an awesome experience. As well as a great one for Tim and Billy.

Acknowledgments to Azrael Coladilla and Vic Yap for referring Tim and the rest to Dennis and the UKG staff who contacted us.

Watch Iron Man 2 now open to all cinemas in Manila.

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