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04.30.2010 - Iron Man 2 is a 2010 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name from Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures.

It is the sequel to 2008's Iron Man, and the second film in a planned trilogy. Directed by Jon Favreau, the film stars Robert Downey Jr., reprising his role as Tony Stark...

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The film premiered in Los Angeles, California, on April 26, 2010 and in France and in the Philippines on April 28, 2010. It was regularly shown in the Philippines on April 30, 2020. It is due to be released in the United States on May 7, 2010.

The Iron Man 2 Experience

The first movie was way up. I was a fan of the character since I picked up a comic book. Though not as hardcore as a few friend I knew this movie surely had something special to comic book fans like me.

Though to view it as a fan this sequel won't top the first one. There where too many things happening in this movie. More on character developments and a lot of explosions to boot. The wow factor is not enough to top the first one. Noticing a weak script and the up/down pacing is like side stepping to go through watching this film twice in one day.

That Favorite Scene

As much anyone's guess my favorite scene would still be in Monaco, where the MK V was used. That piece of trailer was a spoiler, but definitely something worth seeing again how he put on that portable armor.

Metallic Elements

I've read most of the information online, but haven't read "Demon in the bottle" story arc, which deals with Tony Stark's alcoholism. They took one part of that, and put in the film that reminded about this character. Though I'm looking forward for the "Armor Wars' to be adapted in the film, that would be something to look at.

The Verdict

If your a casual movie goer your looking forward to be entertained, and yes this movie gives you something to watch about. For the comic book fans they say the first movie can't be topped, but not entirely that bad. Overall I gave this an 8 out of 10 popcorn points.

DISCLAIMER: Please don't leave until the credits have rolled, because there's still another scene you shouldn't missed after that. the similar thing happened in 2008 unfortunately some just didn't seem to notice that... Again.

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