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05.22.2010 - Daredevil is unlike no other Marvel superhero. One of the comic books that got me into reading in the early 90s. Frank Miller made The Man Without Fear more than just a swashbuckling blind mind in tights.

Though the movie that came out in 2003 wasn't that likable as Spider-Man having three movies. The comic book was something else altogether. There's ninjas, mafias and the realism of New York's Hell Kitchen...

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Its like coming home reading back Daredevil again. I haven't heard from the old hornhead, since Tree of Knowledge back in 1994. I like what Scott McDaniel and DG Chichester did in the book at the same celebrating its 30th Anniversary.

In 1993 I was picking up Daredevil: Man Without Fear where Frank Miller expanded Matt Murdock's origins.

Late this April 2010 just acquired the landmark 500th issue, which was released last year to conclude the five part Return of the King story arc. After reading the latest status of the fame Marvel Knight I was hooked again. during one of Comic Odyssey's special sale I took advantage in getting the back issues of Fall from Grace and Tree of Knowledge as well as Return of the King.

So far lacking issue numbers #320 (Fall from Grace part 1), 327 (Tree of Knowledge part 2) as wells as issues 116 and 119 of Return of the King is going to be hard to look right now.

The only book compilation that's out is Return of the King. But with Fall from Grace and Tree of Knowledge there was no available or any graphic novels released back in the mid-90s. So the hunt for the hard to find issues is on. But I'm sure Comic Odyssey will find a way to get those issue stocked up.

Right now the latest on Daredevil will surely be rocking Hell Kitchen to the core with the upcoming Shadowland story arc. Now that Matt Murdock leads a ninja group known as The Hand with lots of players involved. This one reunites the Marvel Knights characters from the mid-2000s.

Seriously Daredevil is far away but this one looks mighty interesting to pick it up again to see what's happening at Hell Kitchen. Gotta love New York and this is as close as it gets with Daredevil.

Its like homecoming reading like in high school all over again.

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