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05.24.2010 - RX concert Series by Monster Radio RX 93.1 FM brought the house down earlier with featured guest artist band General Luna. The band composed of singer Nicole Asensio, drummer Bea Lao, bassist Alexis Montemayor, guitarists Caren Mangaran and Audry Dionisio. the band performed five songs and it was on UStreamTV with the live performance it still rings to the ear how loud they played.

Good looking women revealed most of them are actually commercial models who have known each other prior to holding their current jobs. Its been a while since the last RX Concert Series I've went seeing a band performance again...

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Caught on camera the ladies talked about their rise to the top. Lead vocalist Nicole Asensio revealed she was one of Doy Laurel's grand kids. She got everyone's attention with that kind of voice rocking the night away.

It was one awesome Monday with General Luna as the guest for the RX Concert Series and what a way to rock this day.

If you missed the band's performance check out these images...

if you your not satisfied with the still images check out the videos from their first and last songs. please forgive the crazy handling of the camera because the area is pretty much cramped with fans inside the booth taking the photos...

The band hasn't launch their very first album by Warner Music Philippines, but expect the music to be sold out with this all girl band. The new self titled album will be out by June 2010.

The RX Concert Series airs on Mondays at 7PM hosted by Francesca on Monster Radio RX 93.1 FM.

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