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05.06.2010 - The recently concluded Earth Day 2010 celebration by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) marked the launch of an eco-friendly delivery service by an all-Filipino Fast Food Chain. Leading the motorcade of environment-friendly vehicles are the e-bike riders of Binalot Food Fiesta. "As the world celebrated Earth Day, Binalot did our share by launching a new delivery service using electric bikes," shares CEO and President Rommel Juan.

Electric Bikes are considered Earth-friendly alternatives to motorcycles because they do not emit exhaust fumes that could pose harmful effects to living beings. Because they run on electricity, they also create less noise as compared to internal combustion engines.

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According to Juan, the company's use of electric bikes for deliveries is its most recent move towards being a truly environment-friendly Filipino fast-food chain – a commitment started when it introduced a food-packaging system using banana leaves and continued when it supported the eJeepney Makati Green Route. The company has adopted a “100% green” delivery system as it has stopped using gasoline-powered motorcycles.

"Binalot has always strived to be environment-friendly and we want to continue with that commitment. From our biodegradable packaging (i.e. banana leaves) to eco-friendly services, we never stop searching for ways to make our company processes safer for the Earth. Our constant development is motivated by the need to be in better harmony with nature.

Juan believes that the company’s environmental engagements can also help inspire other businesses, especially in the food industry, to also adopt environment-friendly processes.

In our little way, we want to contribute to making businesses more sustainable and to encourage them to develop more environment-friendly practices. Businesses shouldn’t just participate in environmental activities during Earth Day celebrations but should also adopt sustainable environmental solutions in their processes.” Juan adds.

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