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05.06.2010 - Yoshinoya just recent held a Gyudon Eating Contest at their SM Megamall branch. Fifteen bloggers dare the challenge and signed up.

This has been a familiar sight for Yoshinoya who has previously organized a similar contest since 2007, and if you have been a regular customer this is an event you should not miss...

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Though I have not been present in the previous Gyudon eating contest. This was a sight to see. As these fine ladies and gentlemen take the challenge to consume as much a bowl of Gyudon within 5 minutes using only chopsticks.

If you had missed the opportunity to see what really went down in this recent event just watch this five minute video...

Five minutes later one blogger emerged out of 15 lucky bloggers, who instantly finished four Gyudon Beef bowl and took home PhP 3,000 Yoshinoya GC. Congratulations to the winner who bested the other fourteen.

Special thanks to Yoshinoya for making this event possible as well as for the bloggers, who signed up and joined the contest.

Here are more photos which was taken during the event...

There will be more Gyudon eating challenge happening soon as mentioned by Yoshinoya's representatives, and we'll keep you posted as well as future events.

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