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11.02.2009 - K-Pop invasion resurgence has begun since last year. Slowly but surely this emerging interest for Korean Pop Music has become more interesting with the radio air play for Wonder Girls' smash hit Nobody.

Recently I've been hearing about the famed Wonder Girls on radio at Monster Radio RX93.1. For months I've been getting much info on these popular girls thanks to one of my friends, who has been an avid fan to the point he has promoted Sohee in his blog site. But what about the new players known as 2NE1?

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Seriously I'm still into Japanese Music most widely known as J-Pop. Lately I've been watching this show. How Korean Pop going rumble on Channel [V]'s show Battle Pop:J-Pop VS. K-Pop. Mostly these two raging music factions has been getting a lot of fans crazy. I only knew Boa as part Korean/Japanese music influence, but this time around I'm getting to hear more K-Pop.

Got these two albums direct from Korea yesterday, and still trying to get that K-Pop feel to it. Trying to absorb the music altogether, that the Wonder Girls and 2NE1 is making. So far the Wonder girls got me hooked to Nobody, while Dara's (formerly Sandara to Philippine showbiz) group 2NE1 is giving me a second look at there Dance/Electronica genre.

They are new and making waves internationally, and a possible K-Pop convention will be happening sometime in December. Expect more about the resurgence of Korean music in the Philippines.

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