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11.02.2009 - To celebrate the DVD/Blu-Ray release of the 11th Stark Trek film I'm here to feature Playmates Toys very own release of the movie related NCC-1701 USS Enterprise star ship, which was sold for PhP 1,999.75 pesos. Actually bought it for half the price last month during the Toys R'Us three day store sale.

The box is big and bulky due to that for the toys safety not to be damaged inside. I've been keeping an eye on this one since the movie came out in May. Obviously I'm a Trekkie and I've been wanting to have the USS Enterprise model for so long prior to the movie release.

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What got me to appreciate the new Star Trek redesigned ship is the sleeker modernized look. I know some purist would dissed out the new Star Trek film, but I'd say its on top of the best films for 2009. So its a good time to be a Star Trek fan or simple a Trekkie.

See more details about the ship in this slide gallery below.

The ship is a Constitution Class vessel based on the original 1965 design by Matt Jeffries. It formed the basis for one of science fiction's most iconic image. In the Star Trek Universe this was the first ship under the Federation of Planets to bare the name Enterprise

For the 2009 film it was redesigned to have a hot rod look as mentioned by Director J.J. Abrams. Its no longer static as the original version from the the 60s. You can't resist this ship with working lights and sounds from the film itself.

On top of the saucer section there's a blue button that activates four voice & sound plus light ups of the ship. Powered with three AAA battery cells this ship is worth having for any Trekkie out there.

The voice dialogues of Chris Pine as Capt. James T. Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock can be heard when you press the blue button. "Red Alert" and the going to warp completes the lights & sounds feature.

In detail it lights up but not perfectly in the ship unlike the ones released before. Some mode ships of the enterprise had better light piping effects, but this one is one cool ship to be ignored.

Right now all I need is the bridge and the transporter sequence to complete the movie scene. Not to mention getting the Enterprise Limited Edition DVD too.

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