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11.01.2009 - Recent movie hits during the past months can now be taken home on DVD/Blu-Ray formats. Astro Vision just recently had the new DVD release for Star Trek, which warped into the box office last May. Leading the pack along with the Transformers Sequel Revenge of The Fallen.

The home video on DVD/Blu-Ray formats for the 11th Star Trek film is a must have for Trekkies and fans alike. Thanks to to Timster for the heads up, where he featured this special DVD.

If you didn't notice the limited edition USS Enterprise Edition DVD case. You might be in the wrong quadrant or planet.

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If previous DVD editions like the Iron Man DVD mask or the transforming DVD case, that made you sold out on the home editions of Iron Man & Transformers. Your in a treat and definitely all worth PhP 1,850.00 pesos for you to take home the USS Enterprise Limited Edition release of Star Trek.

A follow-up to the 2007 DVD release of the original Transformers filom. This time around they released the transformable Bumblebee DVD case. Its similar to the first movie, but this time around its that yellow camaro that keep your Revenge of the Fallen copies scratch free from the Decepticons.

Lastly if new DVDs are a bit pricey, maybe you should check Astro Vision's three day DVD sale. All new movies that includes Zohan, Wanted and other previous hits are slashed to 50% percent off.

The start of November 2009 we will see more DVDs on sale for half the price or more. I'm already salivating on the movies I want to see, but I have to behave on this one.

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