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11.29.2009 - Everyone wants to be a legend and there are a few I can drop names. Manny Pacquiao, Wayne Gretzky, and one Michael Jordan. No one can dominate the game of basketball than your thoughts surge to the greatness of his airness. Nobody had done it like the man who have worn Number Twenty Three.

Though he's no longer playing his greatness echoes through the basketball hall of fame. Until now I'm still shaking on my beat up over worn Air Jordan Three. I've owned numbers Ten, Eleven, Thirteen, and his last was Fourteen. But I never worn a Jordan XII, and had skipped that number.

Its limited and a futile attempt at owning one. But a wishful thinking to want to own one with the just sick logo now printed near the bottom heel of the shoe. Unbelievable and it has become legendary

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