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Nov 30, 2009


11.30.2009 - The Headshot Clinic is a unique advocacy tool that utilizes the power of photography and social networks to spread the word for a certain issue. Last year UNAIDS and Headshot Clinic had worked on the highly successful collaboration to spread the issues of HIV/AIDS. The Project Headshot Clinic "AWARE" took the internet by storm and was able to make the public aware of HIV/AIDS.

This year UNAIDS and Project Headshot Clinic is teaming up again. This time a call to action in fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS dubbed as "MOVE".

This collaboration with Headshot Clinic is to give awareness to pressing issues that HIV/AIDS has become. It will inform the public and hopefully instill a call to action in fighting HIV/AIDS. Coinciding with the annual celebration of The World Aids Day ( 9th of December), a series of portraits will be exhibited in Makati City, Philippines.

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