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11.23.2009 - Weekends are sometime not full of events, but whenever I got free time with my relatives we play as a group with the old school Monopoly board game or card games just to kill sometime or enjoy the rest of the evening.

Though I'm more of an action figure or video game junkie nothing beats traditional board games to spend time with friends & family. It brings back old memories having played Cluedo finding out who killed who or topping the tower with Jenga. If for the craziest thing to play Cranium comes to mind...

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On my trip to Singapore during the Singapore Toys, Games, & Comics Convention 2009 I was overwhelmed with the presentation at the Hasbro booth. Back in August they where promoting all-new games for home activity.

I got the chance to play the new Monopoly card games, and its similar to the board game version. Though its more handy to bring anywhere or to a friend's house.

I could never forget my trip to STGCC 2009, where I met Hasbro Singapore's people giving me the chance to play these games. Mostly Monopoly since I grew up playing the game with my cousins on weekends. These days I rarely play the game due to busy schedules, but whenever a relative just gives me a call I'm there to play.

Thanks to Animetric's World for sharing this, and bringing back interest in playing these traditional board games. I'm sure Color Mix Toys & Games will be able to promote more of these games, and help bring back the fun at home during Family Game Night.

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