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10.04.2009 - My entry for this year's contest won't have real people, but to show you how to promote this year's National Thank You Day by Toblerone. I'll be showing you how to be appreciated through my passion in Toy Photography.

There are so many ways to show Thank You or any gratitude to your friends, relatives, family, and love ones. In everyday we do from different parts of the world we are not different from anyone.

So I share you a little bit of that through the images I captured using LEGO® minifigures as subjects of this photography...

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When things are down we depend on our friends to support us, and be appreciated for our efforts to help through situations we never expect that will happen. We are thankful to have them in our lives. Those who we put our trust in them, and so we pay tribute and promote this year's National Thank You Day.

A simple appreciation would be enough to the people we put our trust in them. This is for you my friends a special Thank You presented in Toy Photography.

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Jon said...

cool pix! nice concept!

Cher Cabula said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for blogging about toblerone spread the sweetness of gratitude! help us spread the sweetness again by allowing me to invite you and your readers to Toblerone Pilipinas website: www.toblerone.com.ph Spread the Sweetness! :)

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