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10.05.2009 - I know its a futile attempt to submit this entry, but just for the love of eating Pringles it is a blog entry I would like to share.

I've been getting my monthly dose of Pringles, and for fun most of it is just all good while watching a movie from my DVD collection. Sometimes just playing Gran Turismo on my old trusty classic Playsation 2 game console.

These days I'm just mostly at home just building my LEGO® sets or just playing with my mini figures with the expressive faces...

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I just let my imagination fly while I munch my way to a can of Pringles. Its so much fun when you forget and pass the time, while enjoying a good day building while krrrunching your way to a tasty Pringles treat.

Its more crazier when I engulfed myself through taking studio shots, an let my fingers take the photos of the figure enjoying there Pringles too.

Sharing you a bit of fun with Pringles and LEGO® mini figures. Its so much fun when you put yourself in the situation these mini figures face when they get flooded with lots of Pringles for them to enjoy.

This is where I express my enjoyment and how I'm having good time, while krrunching delectable treat with Pringles.

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