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10.06.2009 - Last September 28th before heading out to Misyel's place to help with the clean up. After tropical storm Ondoy made a mess of things. We stopped by Tutti Fruity the latest Frozen Yogurt shop up at the new Atrium in SM Megamall. Its where the new restos and food shops are now located.

Stepping inside Tutti Fruity is a place of happy fun and self service to make your very own frozen yogurt. I've never tried a frozen yogurt before. Mostly the one had was the one mom takes home in the fridge, and it ain't frozen like this one.

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At first glance I thought it was one of those ice cream parlors of yester years, but turns out to be somthing similar to that. There is a step by step process in making your own frozen yogurt and it looked too complicated at first. But once you started pouring in the yogurt the next is up to you.

The first task at hand is getting a cup. I took the large cup I had got me reading something at the back. I admit I'm a passive health buff, and I rarely eat something healthful aside from the fruits I found in the fridge.

So you begin the process to choose a flavor yogurt, where you gotta put those toppings that you plan to mix it.

After getting the frozen yogurt in your container you head to the section, which has different fruits for you first topping. This is my first attempt to make something out of the ordinary. I pick the strawberries and they really are fresh. It didn't came out of the can and its an actual strawberry.

After getting the strawberry toppings the next one are the toppings ranging from m&ms to little bits of candies. I'm no treat person when it comes to candies and chocolates. I stopped getting sweets a long time a ago. But this is no exception to try it out with a frozen yogurt.

At the end of the line they weight the frozen yogurt that you made, and it cost more than you expected. But it gives you more for a fun treat as any yogurt out there. If your craving for these pictures drop by SM Megamall's new Atrium on the fourth level you won't miss it and have a good Tutti Fruity treat!

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