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10.03.2009 - SlipperyBrick shares its awesome recreation of Star Trek ships from the various TV series.There are fifteen different Star Trek-themed LEGO® creations show the artistic talent and imagination.

From the original series, there is the classic USS Enterprise and a Klingon Battlecruiser. The Next Generation’s NCC-1701-D is richly detailed, and there is also a red-striped Type VI shuttle.

There are larger ships that was re-presented made out of LEGO® bricks. Its simply amazing when you see these...

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Though its ashame LEGO® doesn't have the Star Trek license. There are so many awesome ships and scenes from the Star Trek Universe could be built by kids and kids at heart, namely us adults.

My favorite so far is the NCC 1701-D Galaxy Class ship from Star Trek: The Next Generations TV series. There was once a set that was licensed for Mega Bloks sometime back that had a Captain Pcard minifigure. Though not LEGO® it sure heck worth having.

The USS Defiant is one cool build, and not to mention the classic Constitution Class NCC 1701 USS Enterprise from The Original Series.

You can see more and all the fifteen Star Trek-themed LEGO® at SlipperBrick blog site.

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