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09.01.2009 - Last night was the Wifi Event at SM Manila, where bloggers are invited to test the efficiency of the wireless connection powered by PhilCom.

Coming all the way from the business district of Makati I wasn't able to make it to the event, since regular shift permitted me to attend this event. Though I was able to make it to the free food stub Azrael had given me for an early dinner.

I got the Tropical Hut got spaghetti & one piece chicken meal with 7UP soda for a sure ball dinner.

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You can see how Tropical Hut differs from other fast food stores in serving their spaghetti. They have more but not entirely large servings, but enough to fill your appetite.

The ride from Makati to Manila surely did a hunger out of me, but it wasn't for long as I redeemed the food stuff, which was sponsored for the recent wifi event.

Its rarely I dine at Tropical Hut but they sure do serve good spaghetti, and chicken while chugging your regular 7UP soda. Tropical Hut is one of those alternative food shops if you got tired dinning at either the big two well known fast food stores in the country.

Hopefully on the next wifi testing I won't miss trying out the food as well, while surfing the information super highway.

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Azrael Coladilla said...

di ko nga alam kung pano ka nakapunta sa sm manila.. traffic na kaya sa makati nun hehehee..himala!!

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