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Aug 31, 2009

Super Mini Kidrobot.

08.31.2009 - The other designer toy I got was Kidrobot Super Mini Keychain, which I picked up during the preview night of STGCC 2009 (Singapore Toys, Games, & Comic Convention) as one of the two designer toys that was included in the media bag which was given by the organizers. The Super Mini Keychain is the fourthe series to be released by Kidrobot.

Though unlike the Astronof PEECOL this one is packaged in a BLIND ASSORTMENT. Some call it mystery box, since the other boxes that came with the set where made identical.

Like as mentioned before I'm not into Urban Vinyl toys or designer toys, but they really getting my interest in terms of its unique appearance.

I met one of them durign STGCC, but only bought his book. The guy's name was Joe Ledbetter, but there will be more of Joe for now Kidrobot is one character to look at.

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When opening a blind box of the Super Mini Keychain the inner plastic still a mystery colored in silver foil you won't know the content until you opened it.

There are 17 colorful versions of Kidrobot and two mystery figures in one assortment. I got the Royal version dressed in purple and I know someone who likes this color.

The keychain is made of soft plastic or more like rubber materials where made for the arms. Small but attentive to detail as a collectible keychain. Though I'm not going to use it as one as it tends to fall apart.

It may look good on display if they are all complete, but to hunt them down will be another story. This was released in 2008 series, and Kidrobot might be scarce by now.

Doctor? Astronaut? Fireman? Punk rocker?

Kidrobot toys around with the idea of growing up in the 4th installment of our Kidrobot Super Mini Keychain Series.

Get ready for 17 blind boxed, quasi-professionals and 2 loafing chases, one of which is an insanely rare Huck Gee.

Attach these 1.5-inchers to your keys, but be warned, these workaholics have a tendency to become an occupational hazard...

They are definitely a hazard to go crazy over Kidrobot so pick one today.

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