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Aug 30, 2009

Astronof PEECOL.

08.30.2009 - I got Astronof PEECOL during the preview night of STGCC 2009 (Singapore Toys, Games, & Comic Convention) as one of the goodies in my media bag along with a KidRobot keychain. But more to Astronof than meets the eye is one interesting Designer Toy created by Eboy.

Interesting enough the world of Designer Toys has picked up rapidly in Singapore and one of the most sought after collectibles in the recent STGCC 2009. Since Singapore has been into design and art altogether expect these to fly off the specialty store shelves.

Astronof is one of the first limited editions that came out in 2007, and was fortunate to acquire such interesting figure.

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PEECOL is one of Kid Robot's designer toylines that has a unique interchangeable feature.

Designer toys are released in limited quantities unlike the usual action figure that kids and collectors plays with. Though not entirely intrigue by its unique appearance I still would pick up a regular action figure any day.

Though designer toys are nice to look at due to its colors and eye candy detail. Its something that could relieve ones stress from daily work if you have a few in your glass display or just nice to take an in studio toy photography.

Unlike the conventional action figure like G.I. Joe that you can carry for an out door regular Toy Photo Shoot.

Usually a designer toy is either packaged in a blind box or just have the image of the product printed in an enclosed box instead. Its a nice and interesting hobby for those who just are into the art and design.

Though Astronof reminds me of a LEGO® mini figure due to its interchangeable body parts with other PEECOL figures.

Some details can be said about Astronof as a character we unlikely knew. Since some designer toys exist only in the figment of one designer's imagination like Eboy.

For once Astronof can relate to one of my personality being a Star Trek Fan and reading profile as it goes...

We always thought those freeze dried icecream bars were pretty gross, but this self proclaimed Trekkie loves grubbing down on space food when his wife is nagging him about keeping his space craft clean.

The story of the creator and its designer toy...

Developed by German pixel-art group eBoy for Kidrobot, PEECOL is a revolutionary new platform figure.

Watch the world around you flip into a collectible microcosm with this interchangeable figure that toys around with conventional stereotypes and social nuances.

You'll never look at toys the same way again!

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