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09.02.2009 - What does it takes to be a hero? Is it the one you read in the comic books influenced by American pop culture? Or a real life hero who sacrificed his life for the good of his country? There are a lot of aspects of being a hero. Certain levels we can describe one as a hero. But in each of us we are heroes in our own way.

Though we don't see it but we are heroes of our own right. Passing through Luneta we see one hero standing there. The monument of Dr. Jose Rizal would forever be one of the familiar landmarks you should not forget to visit.

He was indeed a hero fighting for the country's freedom. Just like any hero we tend to forget sometimes what he has done for this country.

Back then there was an honor guard on stand by 24/7, but these days you only see the normal kind of security guard just walking around the park area.

Don't get wrong the area is still closed at night. You won't get near the statue itself unless probably day time. At night the monument is still being the most image taken by people who pass by. It could be the most familiar place rarely visited these days. But its a place where you can see the Philippines historic heritage.

So if you pass by the Manila area try going through Luneta park. It might give you a little sense of being a Filipino and to celebrate National Heroes Day. Not just being excited because there's no work or you've been getting paid twice.

Try not to forget who we are and why we should never forget what the day is meant for our National Heroes.

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