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09.05.2009 - When you talk about burgers I mostly the crave I've been looking for.

On the way to Tagaytay actually before going back to Manila last August 30th. We passed by one of its most talked about fast food namely Mushroom burger.

Don't be fooled about hearing this fast food store to be just another burger joint. They're more than the usual place where they serve burgers, but actually cultivating Mushrooms made out of burgers.

Yes your reading it correctly they are making burgers out of Mushrooms. And you thought this was just end of the story. But eventually there's more than just making them. Its how they convince a lot of people why it looked like an ordinary burgers.

They are actually like hamburgers but they're not...

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Probably in their secret laboratory they have discovered, that they have figured out how to make Mushrooms into tasteful hamburgers. Delectable and mouth watering hamburgers that will put your Big Mac into a serious competition.

Its quite strange but its true just like how Bohdi serve their dishes that looked real meat, which eventually they are made out of tofu.

Mushroom burgers are considered more of healthy eating than just chomping your way to having it your way. I'm sure it will also put your Whopper on a diet for being not made out of beef patties.

Its the same concept how Mushroom burger came to be that known. Though the caliber of popularity is slightly picking up. I'm sure the well-known fast food restaurants are trying to scramble and finding there own version to compete.

Don't need to travel all the way to Tagaytay when you can have them nearby. I'm sure a second branch close by will make you try the hamburgers made out of Mushroom in Quezon City.

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