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09.04.2009 - This month SM Taytay and Hero TV celebrating a month long Animation Festival starting on September 6th. The event will feature Online Toy Groups TransFormers Philippines, Toy Soldier 1:18 (local G.I. Joe Fan Group), and many more which will feature toys on display as well as merchandise you don't see anymore in stores.

Not only toys on display is feature but also a cosplay, featured anime bands, and lots more featured. DaMeat the local group from Deviant Art will showcase photo and art exhibit.

They also conduct workshops. Plus contest and interactive games where you can join for free.

For more details check out these schedules...

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Schedules of activities and Contest

September 6 - Cosplay, 4pm, Event center
September 13 - Original character design contest (pro and amateur level) 1pm-4pm at Event center
September 19 - deviantART MEAT Coloring Contest, 1pm-4pm, Event Center
September 23 - Anime Dance Group Contest, screening only, 5pm, Event Center
September 23 - Anime Dance Group Contest, Grand finals, 5pm, Event Center


September 19 - How to draw Manga art, 1pm-4pm, Event Center
September 20 - Claymation workshop, 4pm, Event Center
September 7 - October 16 - 2D Animation Workshop, 10am-2pm and 3pm-7pm, 2F bldg A.

Fun Activities

September 6,20,27 - Free face painting and henna tattoo, 1pm-4pm, Event Center
September 13 - Free caricature sketching,1pm-4pm, Event Center
September 20 - 2D Animation Demo, 3pm, Event Center
September 20 - Voice Acting Workshop on stage, 5pm, Event Center


September 6 - Molded Sushi Anime band performance, 4pm, Event Center
September 26 - Jpop Fashion Show, 4pm, Event Center


September 6-27 - Hero TV Robo display
September 19-30 - deviantART MEAT gallery showcase at Bridgeway
September 19-30 - Evolution on Animation and Toy Exhibit, at Bridgeway

For inquiries contact SM City Taytay marketing through the following:
Tel: 661.2033-37
Email: smttmarketing@gmail.com




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