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09.07.2009 - Breakfast is the first meal of the day. I rarely take meals in the mornings specially when your in a rush to go to work. Its rarely I eat cereals these days. My pal Mach had sent me a box last May that includes little cereals boxdes unfamiliar to me.

Five cereals for me to go through the next five days. Gotta check the expiry date too this might not be a good thing to eat anymore. After checking everything I just have to consume one a day.

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I've familiar with Trix a multi-colored cereals with sweet goodness. Its quite hypnotizing due to the candy colored balls. Locally Trix is available you won't miss the red box with a happy bunny in the front box.

The next one is Cocoa Puffs. Now this one is not related to the one Nestle's Koko Crunch. Its similar chocolaity in appreance, but its rounded instead of chip-like apprearance. Though not as tasteful as Koko Krunch, but its indeed had a sweet tooth to it

There's three more to feature but these cereals would be worth checking out. General Mills surely has a variety but out of the two I like Trix. I could probably pass by the supermarket for this.

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