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Sep 8, 2009

Minimates Mania.

09.08.2009 - They are more articulated than the convention LEGO minifigure. They show a little bit emotion and they are quite addicting. Minimates has been a round as long as I can remember.

Though they are not directly competing with the famous building block. The Minimates had their own personality.

Released by Art Asylum the first one I saw back then was packaged with their own vehicles made out of bricks.

Until they completely eliminated the building block concept and kept making the figures instead.

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Last year when I was hanging out with my pal Mach I saw a pack of his Minimates, which claims to be owned by his girlfriend Arlene. Quite interesting characters from Marvel's Spider-Man up to movie tie-ins like Blade or Austin Powers.

More expressive than your average LEGO minifigure. They could probably be the one, who pioneered this concept. The other thing that's cool about the Minimates is, that they come with their actual accessories. Like Blade's sword or Austin's hat and cane which are removable.

I got my first set based on DC Comics characters namely Lobo complete with his chain, and hook while the other is the completely unknown Ambush Bug.

Lately if your looking for a loose minimate it will set you back for PhP 100.00 pesos a piece. Depends on who your looking for, and you can mostly find them in Greenhills. Specially shops has them on display you just have to look enough.

My latest one is the limited edition Free Comic Book Day blank figure. It only has the logo of FCBD 2009, which I got at Comic Odyssey for free the rest of the figure is completely blank.

Latest ones that are out right now are based on movie tie-ins like Ghost Busters, and the recent Terminator film. Practically I'm going to start collecting these very soon, but I might be picky specially the ones that I collect like the comic book versions.

Maybe you'll be interested and check them out HERE.

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