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08.16.2009 - Today's the last day of this year's STGCC and the same time my stay in the country I barely knew. I have limited internet connection due to an unknown circumstances, and will be checking out of Hotel81: Bencoleen in less than an hour.

So far things are stating to get hectic and its Sunday already when I just got here last Thursday. Time really flies when your very much exploring this country, and sadly four days is not enough to see Singapore.

Most of my time here was at Suntec City Mall at the International Convention Centre making a coverage for Singapore Toys, Games, & Comic Con I'm already setting my sight for the next year... Hopefully.

Yesterday was mostly a hectic one trying to resolve net connection here in the hotel in just a few minutes and then it went off again.

I went to the Mint Toy Museum, which Miko Livelo once mentioned to me on his trip here last year. Actually saw it by accident when I took a different route going to Suntec. I passed by the museum Friday morning, and was in a rush since my pair of Jordans gave out on me I didn't stay long.

So I gave word I'll be passing by Saturday morning which turned to be late afternoon.

The day has so many stuff happening I still want to stay in my hotel room. But I have to keep moving since it was CosCon (Short term for Cosplay Contest). The second day was packed with more visitors. The place which was bigger than all three SM Megatrade Halls combined is now literally has no floor space to move around. The stage had become small with people watching the finalists for CosCon.

Basically was there there to take photos of the cosplayers outside the convention hall. Mostly all of them are showcasing their attractive and colorful costumes.

I meet-up with Dash B. who's based here in Singapore and toured around the convention floor. We moslty goofed around with TF.SG (a local TransFormers Fan group) members SP and Jo at the Rapid Culture booth.

Due to limited connection here's what happened on Saturday...

... Anyways I'm off to Dash B.'s place at Toah Payoh have to check out the hotel now. I'll be checking out China Square later but have to pick up my souvenir at the convention first.

Next blog update when I touch down Manila. Pleasant Sunday everyone. Bye For now.

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