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Aug 17, 2009

Post-Singapore Travel.

08.17.2009 - Finally home from the airport. The trip back was quicker and unexpected to be a smoother one compared to going Singapore.

I had more to kill time and stare at the blue sky. Unlike catching up with more sleeping time on the way back.

Four days is not enough to roam around Singapore, since most of the time I was at Suntec City Mall at the International & Exhibition Centre doing a coverage for this year's recent Singapore Toys, Games, & Comic Convention. Though it was a short trip I met a few people along the away as well as meeting up with friend who are now based there.

The only places I was able to go is at the Mint Toy Museum and at Lucky Plaza to pick up a few souvenirs for colleagues at work back home. I took the train back with Dash to his place at Toah Payoh. This was late in the afternoon a few hours before I went to the airport.

Saturday night I had dinner at Pizzeria Giardino with Greg who works at Action City I met at the convention.

I had my first taste of Heineken and Giardino's out of this world pizza. I had the chance as well to check out some of the stores like HMV prior to having dinner at Chimes, where Pizzeria Giardino is located.

Last day of STGCC was a very hectic one, and was ot able to close out the coverage. Since I have to prepare my stuff going home that night.

The CosCon Finals was very much crowded after the online winners awarding, which I had little participation receiving my own award on stage. Then after that left Suntec went to China Square to meet up the local Transformers group in Singapore. I was able to see specialty toy stores at China Square which was a counterpart of Greenhills here in the Philippines, but way better than you'll never expect to see.

After that had afternoon meal at Segafredo with Dash's family. Late in the evening was the time we went to Lucky Plaza. Too many stuff happening during my last day and I haven't absorbed most of the experience. Probably in the next few days I would start missing how unique Singapore was.

Most of my last hours before boarding the plane was just hanging out at McDonalds. I had Big Mac Meal for a late dinner at Budget Terminal. I even had answered the customer service evaluation of the airport.

For now here's a few photos of my trip from the past few days...

This travel has left me tired but fulfilled. I was thinking of going back to work today, but decided to take this extra day to just relax. Until next year's trip hopefully has a few more days to explore Uniquely Singapore.

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