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Nov 11, 2008

Toy Shoot at UP AME.

11.11.2008 - Recently weekend was not only the FHM signings but also this year's UP AME at the Bahay ng Alumni at the University of the Philippines in Diliman. On the way to the FHM signing had to stop for a quick toy shoot.

I've been missing UP Diliman as the place for Toy Photography, since my friend left went back to the states.

So I pulled out Trap Jaw (from the Masters of the Universe series one of the villains of He-Man) just took several shots then took the jeepney out of the campus.

(Please CLICK on the title for the full article)

Just decided to set for a normal macro shot with no flash (as a number one rule in Toy Photography) to capture natural light, since its still broad day light. Though a little unsatisfied I might try a different venue. The idea was to make Trap Jaw is in a palace using the pillars of the waiting shed as its background.

I guess for now this will do.

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