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11.10.2008 - Recently during the All Souls Day had been looking around the mall area. Months ago there was an interest for Stikfas toys.

A stick figure that you can assemble and build. You can personalized with interchangeable parts. The early year I was into it but due to cheap quality like ball joints wearing down, and plastic was not as par shall we say... LEGO?

Definitely not a construction toy as above mentioned, but poor quality was the issue and I won't highly suggest starting a hobby about it.

Though its nice for your office table display but for something you can buy worth PhP 300.00 pesos. I'll just save money for something worth the buck.

Oh by the way I saw a fake version being sold alongside the original for only PhP 50.00 pesos. I thought these ones where extinct.

Unfortunately they are all over the place again.

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