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11.12.2008 - Cleaning up and reorganizing my magazines I've collected for the past months. I didn't notice that I had received an issue of High Profile during the Digital Filipino Club Bloggers Fellowship Night last month and it was a premier issue to boot.

I already browsed this particular magazine before during that night. It was published by PAGCOR and mostly related to there future projects.

Though related to the past, present and future growth of PAGCOR it also featured certain personalities in the field of entertainment and arts. One photo caught my attention someone vaguely very familiar under the hair and makeup.

It was none other than the Queen of Bossanova, who had grown from a lounge singer turned into an actress and host.

Catch Sitti's delightful music on her upcoming Birthday Concert on November 29th at Captain's Bar in Mandarin Oriental Manila. For more details see it HERE.

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