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Nov 30, 2008

LEGO® VW Beetle Love.

11.30.2008 - The Volkswagen Beetle has been the most prominent vehicle on the road, even though they stopped production in Brazil of the classic in 2002. It was very much known the public as people's car. In the 70s was symbolized at the Love Bug for the hippies.

It had endured and out produced second the Ford Model-T, and was replaced by the modern version in the form of the New Beetle. Entirely different from the classic, that only shares a chassis of the Volkswagen Golf and the engine is now in front. Though nobody would missed the original, that Hitler built for the German masses in the 1940s.

Its still everyone's favorite car, and LEGO® the famous construction toy in the world has immortalized the Beetle.

This special edition LEGO® is not sold in department stores as the color of the box is blue. You can see this one on display and sold exclusively at Hobbes & Landes Universe located at the Bonifacio High Street.

Check the price for further details. Love that Bug!

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