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Nov 29, 2008


11.29.2008 - Yesterday online readers got a special treat from Fullybooked and Yehey.Com as they had the chance to show their appreciation for there readers. A special tour of the flagship branch of Fullybooked as Bonifacio High Street was the place to be.

The highlight of the event was special trivia for the readers, who where given special book prizes. They also had everyone taken two books of there choice in the special section. Plus dinner served by Hizon's for a delightful evening treat.

Again special thanks to the organizers and staff until the next event.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! Thanks for coming to the Fully Booked Bloggers event. Bloggers Book Club (BBC) members are exclusively invited to join the Book Geek Competition this January.

Please check the link for details. http://lootwagon.wordpress.com/2009/01/17/bloggers-book-club-announcement/

Would appreciate it if you could help spread the word to other members. Thanks! Hope to see you there! :-)

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