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12.01.2008 - My original Sony experience was the Walkman, that I have acquired as a child in 1987. Unfortunately there's no proof to support that experience. Only fond memories owning an old school Walkman of our times.

Those where the days where technology was analog and not digital. But when you talk about technology as an adult the experience is different. In case of the Sony PlayStation. We can say back when it came out in 1994 it was the next generation game console to prove its worth.

I had acquired the original gray unit on January 1999 on the trip to Hong Kong. As with my very first Walkman, there's no proof of that experience in the form of that image. There's so many Sony experiences I would like to share in photography.

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Sadly they are now lost in the old residence now in ashes for the past four years. Though it won't end there until acquiring a piece of that fond memory with gaming. The technology of PlayStation had evolved to greater heights with the PlayStation 2. They said the first would live up to expectations, but the next one had lived to want to play more in its own world.

Before the PSP or widely known as the PlayStation Portable was THE PlayStation 2 of today the original was THE GAME MACHINE of the millennium.

It plays your all-time PlayStation games, and supported the old games from the old gray machine via its backward capabilities. Though its now ancient in its current standards thanks to the PlayStation 3. It will still carry the memories of knocking down other game consoles, that came being ahead of the competition.

If you just owned a PlayStation 2 Slim Edition the experience will be far more different than owning the Fat Version.

It maybe bulky but it had an option to have its own hard drive. The first Sony-made game machine to connect online using the PlayStation Network in its early stage. Today its a rarity now to find one of these game machines as most sought after compared to the Slim Version.

Now would be that experience to play the games, that built the gaming world of the PlayStation?

As they say Live in your World. Play in Ours.

It definitely gave significance in my life just like the Sony’s World’s First Noise Canceling Portable Music Player.

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