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10.14.2008 - Sunday must be a Friday for those who haven't keeping track of the calendar and for those who has been living in a cave it must be bad to get out. Those regular denizens of FHM won't even care about going out on a Sunday.

Though family day and wearing your Sunday dress standing in line for the FHM signing seeing the hottest MILF face to face is something unholy for those who doesn't comprehend. Though if your just the geek who's got the guts to come up and see this spectacle then its your day.

I guess the word of mouth is true Miss Jean Garcia is one true actress, who can get along with the average joe.

Not to forget FHM magazine is doing this superbly open to everyone without any discrimination to there readers. Unlike other magazines who pretend to say that everyone is welcome when you can only welcome are the rich and elite. That's why FHM is successful because they know there readers across the board.

So for those other magazines who trying to imitate FHM, and those who are still living in a cave your missing out on this one.

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