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Oct 15, 2008

Iron Man & Kumpas.

10.15.2008 - The Iron Man DVD is already out since October 9th and resistance is futile if its ignored. Seeing it in the big screen way back on May 32rd is not enough but to own an original production by Marvel Studios is something to admire. Packed with hidden features, unrated, extended scenes and more. Plus get it in a unique DVD case. Now that's worth every buck for the Iron Man fan in you.

On the other note about Kumpas an orchestra celebration a compilation of rock songs turned into a konsiyerto by FilharmoniKa and conducted by Gerald Salonga is something worth listening into.

Eleven tracks featuring guest artists Jett Pangan, Noel Canangon, Wally Gonzalez, Sampaguita, and Ely Buendia. Renditions of rock songs Kanlungan, Tao, Salamat, Ang Himig Natin, and the most favorable in the track Ang Huling El Bimbo(The Last El Bimbo) into orchestra is goose bumps all over again. As the Eraserheads reunion is still fresh from everyone who had the chance to witness it.

So if you happen to be near a local record store check out these cool finds. Definitely worth watching and listening.

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