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Oct 4, 2008

Dayo Blog It.

10.04.2008 - Dayo Sa Mundo ng Elementalia is the very first full digital in-house made animation. Done by Filipino top animators that I would say proudly 100% percent Filipino created animation.

The blogging community was able to see the behind-the-scene creation of this year's Metro Manila Film Festival 2008 entry. An animation who had a chance to be part of the top eight movies to be shown in this year's film fest. Something interesting to watch this year without even bothering to see what are the other seven movies. But us Filipinos still continue to support these movies good... And the not-so good.

So we get to see a glimpse of what is to be shown in December 2008. Boasting digital technology and tools to bring this animation is seriously a work in progress not to compare with previous animation.

This is a project worth looking into it and supporting them to there road to success. As I see this one is getting the right people and bringing Filipino animation to the next level. Being such talented individuals we should give the Filipino animation industry a chance.

Because in the long run we are a pop culture waiting to happen in this region and its time we true Filipinos time to shine.

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