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10.05.2008 - If you remember the original Collecticon back in 1999 that means your not living in a cave. The very first convention organized by Upper Deck Philippines was a monumental one. Unfortunately when I heard about this event back then I was in Hongkong on a tour with family.

Re-Collecticon days I had attended the following events. Fast forward to the present someone had recycled the name of the event. Please avoid confusion that this year's event has no connection to the real thing or the recent Toy Con 2008 that happened on June 16-17 2008 at the Megatrade Hall.

Although successful it still has a shadow of the original Collecticon and the recent Toy Con. Something that they gave birth to a convention clone.

Not necessary dissing out the present event, but it really needs an identity. Seriously this event would be even successful if it came out with its original concept not borrowed from previous conventions.

I'm not going over to nitpick that they have a Toy Photography contest, but it sure is noticeable by standards that came from Toy Con first.

The rest of whats in there I leave it fill in the blanks, but being a spectator its not hard to see its no competition definitely.

But if you want a serious opinion check out Azrael's coverage HERE.

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