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09.14.2006 - There's a new artist who sings bossanova (new beat or new trend) too? Yes its the invasion of Brazilian music here the Philippines folks. However I won't compare her to the recent artist, who spread the bossa love for mass consumption. Sofia is a fresh air like any new artist to break the local music industry. Her music is soothing and she does know her Portuguese. She's another virtual unknown to anyone who has heard or seen her music video. Indeed she's a mystery with no information on the in lay of her album.

New Trend?

I don't think this is going to be another music hype. Bossanova has been here a long time even before these younger kids me included appreciated the music. Its that mostly the music is heard through places mass consumption can't hear. I admit I'm not very knowledgeable of its origins so forgive my mistakes. So far based on listening to her album it has the title all over it... "Bossa Latino Lite"

What's inside?

The album is not only about Sofia as the singer in the album. There are also instrumental tracks performed by her back-up band, and also her virtual unknown duet with Roji Soriano. Who happens to have his own songs included in the 18 tracks of the album. So consider this as an album of unknown bossanova artists led by Sofia. Now are your ready for the Brazilian invasion? Care to listen to another long time artist doing bossanova too? Well I have to find out on the next one. For now have a Bossa Latino Lite music with Sofia and her band.

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chrissy said...

I got a message from my friend today, wanting to confirm if Sofia the bossa singer is our Sophia from high school. She has always been a great singer at school. She is like a one-man band. I just confirmed it now by googling about her. I will go check her out at Eastwood if she gets to have a show here.

MC said...

She studied in St. Therese in High School. Maybe you could drop by one of her gigs she would love seeing old friends from school.

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