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Sep 15, 2006

Sitti Live Out Now!

09.15.2006 - Some people wait for eternity, and there are others who can't really wait. You know the feeling of anxiety, and pressure come together like you want to the bathroom but you can't?

See this big sign at Music One GB3.

In my case I just treat it like a punch in the arm or a pat in the back. Its not a waiting game, and this is not a contest on who gets it first. The point is even your virtually unknown and was long forgotten. The point is even your virtually unknown and was long forgotten. You'll never forget to love and respect her music the way everyone should be Well just so you all know the second album of Sitti Navarro is already out since last night. I heard someone was anxious enough to persuade the staff at the store to break the box from there storage. The album was recorded last May 19th, 2006 at Ortigas Park to look back at the coverage browse over the gallery a re-live the moment HERE. I'll be uploading unreleased photos from those days, and you thought that was all you saw? Think again.

Sealed as approved DIVA.

Well as of this writing I haven't listened to it. I'm still stuck on listening to Astrud Gilberto's Silver Collection and Agot Isidro's The Island shuffling from one room to another. I bought all three today and I'm already drowning in bossanova heaven. If you only knew how agonizing this is... I'm just kidding trying to pull your leg. Seriously I suggest you listen to these latest albums thats out in the market. Buy original never pirated CDs.

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