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09.10.2006 - Sunday malling late at night and was practically just dropping by my regular hobby shop. I'm actually looking at toys again with empty pockets, but I'm fine with looking around. These days I'm just hitting the books, and picking up something good to listen or a DVD movie that tickle my fancy. Well I'm all over the place browsing some stuff until...

September 2006 -- Kaye Abad on Maxim Magazine?!

Crikey! Well you know me when it comes to Maximn Magazine I'm pretty much crazed for a while. Well for this one I'm not sure about my reaction, and I'm scratching my pockets already. Oh well it can wait until Friday, because there's a lot more of that where it came from. I'm sure I'll see more for now I'm bedazzled about Kaye Abad, that simple girl from way back is now the latest to graced the local edition. Her back up vocals haunts me whenever I listen Kamikazee's Martyr Nyebera its so happens I was listening to it when I saw this issue. Friday's gonna be a long day to come... Whatever.

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