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Sep 9, 2006

Ehra signs your FHM.

09.09.2006 - A long line ahead must be a successful magazine. Yes Ehra Madrigal came to sign the latest September 2006 issue of FHM which featured her as the cover girl at basement level of SM Megamall bldg. A with a lot of guys gawking at the hot babe who's not looking? The opportunity was there and yes she was quite the girl on the magazine. All 100% hotness as men, women, child, and elder people was asking who's this girl?

Autogrpah Signing?

What kind of magazine are these people reading? I guess passers by where still clueless on who is Ehra Madrigal. By now you must be hoping for Monday to come just to watch Majika, and catch her acting chops or just that huge attraction you just saw in the magazine? If you missed her autgraph signing you must been living in cave. See the snap shots for the entire gallery HERE.

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