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07.12.2006 - The 4th New Worlds: Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention returns to the Power Plant at Rockwell venue for the second time in two years. Its one of the much awaited conventions to happen this year, besides the recently held The 5th Hobbies, Toys, and, Collectibles Convention at SM Megamall's Megatrade Hall 2.

The First NEW WORLDS 2003

This year's theme presented in a Broken Time Machine presenting fan clubs for Star Trek, Star Wars, Buffy, Charmed, X-Files, Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, Matrix, and recently formed group for Battle Star Galactica. There are other groups participating in this year's event like Mechapinoy for Mobile Suit Gundam promoting not only the fandom, but the hobby of model kit building which had one live-action film. Not to forget a collection Science Fiction shows presented by Sci-Fi Philippines. Not to mention as well is the group based on RPGs and card games known as Aegies. This year is also The First Graphics Fiction Awards to be held on July 15th in cooperation with Fully Booked the major sponsor for this year's New Worlds 4. Bigger things are going to happen for this upcoming convention.

The 2nd NEW WORLDS 2004 The Last Day.

So far this is the biggest event for New Worlds which traces back to its humble beginnings when the convention began sometime in March 2003. The following year was a two-day event when it was held at the Power Plant Mall, and this like the above mentioned its there second time to have it as the venue. For more details on f the upcoming event check there website at: http://www.newworlds.ph

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