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Jun 26, 2006

ToyCon 2006 Wrap Up.

06.26.2006 - Its been a week after recently held The 5th Philippines Toys, Hobbies, and Collectibles Convention 2006. A lot of photos coverage came in this year's event that has shown that we filipinos can be world class when it comes to organizinf big conventions such as this.

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This year has "Toy Con 2006" has lived up to everyone's expectation bringing international guest of honor Digger Mesch of Art Asylum to the local scene of toy collecting aficianados. In cooperation with Hero TV this year's event boast more cosplayers that we can compete with our foreign conterparts. Toy and fan groups Toy Empire, Star Wars Philippines, Toy Soldier, and Transformers Fans Philippines brings you true blue Filipino fandom originality to the local scene.

Digger Mesch says The Philippines Rock!

Next year could be a bigger event than we hope to imagine, and this could a big exposure to would-be artists, toy designers, and what not. The event is not only about toys, Hobbies and collectibles its about showing pure Filipino talent at its finest.

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