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Jun 18, 2006

The First Day ToyCon.

06.18.2006 - Three years ago I would it was some sort of an achievement for me to form a local toy group that involves transformerming robot toys. It would be a feat to organize and have a booth in a local convention, that is now the most sought after event when it comes to the month of June. This year is something I haven't fiugred out until I learned from it.

You know where to go...

I said it before this event has become my yearly tradition something my Peter Pan instincts kicks in high gear. This year was rather different more relaxed. I'm not pressured but honestly its most tiring event I have ever been. Now in its fifth year the event has become a two-day monster gathering of people all walks of life who loves toys.

The right side of the Stage...

Going back to there childhood to bring the meaning hobbies, toys, and collectibles. I thought I had all figured it out, but I guess I still have a lot to learn from this year's event. You can view some first day event photos HERE

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