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Jun 27, 2006

Thanks Gerry.

06.27.2006 - I became an instant fan of Whilce Portacio when he penciled the Uncanny X-Men and Wetworks, and in 1999 I met not only him but a certain inker who I became close friends with. I met Gerry Alanguilan his inker of the supernatural mini-series Stone under Avalon Studios, which was also published by Image Comics. During those days I was actively going to there book signings, and those times we constantly exchange stories through email.

Me & Gerry Alanguilan.

As time goes by I haven't heard from Gerry, and he was busy with his personal life. I rarely had the chance to speak with him until summer 2004 at the Filbar's 25th Anniversary. I had a tragic year at that time when I lost my house from the fire, and that got my personal belongings. Including my large comics collection, that I had since I started in the early 90s. Among them are signed works of Whilce and Gerry. When I met him again during The 3rd Philippine Toys, Hobbies, and Collectibles Convention 2004 he made a promise to me. I guess I didn't took that seriously back then when he told me, that he will give me a compilation of one his works. Until he gave it to me at this year's Toy Con 2006. A compilation of Superman Birthright, which he worked with Mark Waid and Leinil Francis Yu in 2004 for DC Comics. It was an overwhelming experience to receive something from a friend I rarely see these days. Thank you Gerry this is something special for me right now to have one of you works as a very special gift that I didn't expect.

Superman Birthright hardcover edition.

I guess it was a two year promise to me that I didn't take it seriously, but its all good thanks for making it very memorable for me this year. I can't wait to pick the second issue of his latest project titled Elmer something Filipino and quite indie comics. Hopefully I'll see him again soon thanks for this special token. I owe you one Gerry.

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MC said...

Thanks for viewing Ihope you enjoy reading entries.

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