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07.01.2006 - Toys R' Us The World's Greatest Toy Store opened yesterday with great anticipation from the past few months. This is something new for the mass consuming public. For a person like me who's into toys I've to this store almost six years ago during my last trip to Hong Kong. I went to check out the store late last night to see what do they have to offer, and to me my expectation isn't that big. I give the benefit that they just opened so I wont expect any toy exclusives.

The big Giraffe is in town.

The interior design of the store resembles the other TRU branches outside the country. The place is so huge the isles are wide, and it makes you feel that its really a big store. Designs of toy characters exploding from the upper walls like Optimus Prime or Superman makes you look around. The products though not the same as what I saw in Hong Kong is more locally the same as there competition. So far what I liked about TRU was the feel of what I've experience back then. Like I said my expectation is not as big as the one in Hong Kong, but its close enough for me to get that same experience.

The entrance to the biggest toy store.

I'm sure in the coming months TRU will cook up something for there Philippine branch. This is just a start and they have more room to develop cool stuff for the local scene. You can check out Toys R' US is located in the 3rd level of Robinsons Galleria.

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~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Wow! I would wanna go there but it's just too far from my place.

MC said...

Yeah same here.

I came late going there just to see it for myself.

The ambiance is the same as what I felt when I went to there Hong Kong branch six years ago.

The difference is the products you see in other toy stores are almost the same.

chompy said...

My cousin went here last weekend and she said that it was really great, even better than Toy Kingdom. I just wish that Robinsons would hurry up with their renovations.. It really sucks being in a mall with no AC. :p

MC said...

Yeah. It was frickin' hot inside the mall. I can't stand the current environment right now.

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