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04.21.2006 - I've been reading the Infinite Crisis mini-series for the past months. DC Comics has rocked there universe for past few months and I'm down waiting for issue #7. Thanks to Adrian Arcega of Star Wars Philippines for this very informative link he got me to see this preview of the seventh issue. There's two cover versions by George Perez and Jim Lee. You can also view the larger image HERE or see the covers...

Jim Lee Cover

Surpisingly I hope to get both cover versions this time. The past six issues I was only picking the George Perez covers, and I can't get enought of the Green Lantern Coprs. beating a crap out of Superboy Prime...

George Perez Cover

After Infinite Crisis there will be a follow-up saga that involves the missing Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. I might not get to continue that, but I would probably pick up the very first Crisis form 1985. The original Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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